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Composites are a combination of two or more materials, differing in form or composition. The components interact to create a product with specific and superior features from high strength to weight ratios and resistance to corrosion and fatigue to high temperature performance, compliance with fire, smoke and toxity (FST) regulations, supreme toughness and impact resistance.

ASES provides a broad range of composite products, that enable greater design flexibility, reducing the part count in a component and making them a cost-effective alternative to conventional materials, in order to meet the ever-growing demands of the airframe manufacturers and the automotive industry in Turkey.

ASES is Official Distributor of Hexcel Composites in Turkey. ASES with its experienced personnel can provide consultancy for different type of composite applications and can supply fibre, adhesives, fabrics and honeycombs, prepregs, sandwich panels, special process core and new fibre-reinforced matrixes through Hexcel Composites.

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